1-Clinic Services

We are ready to build and construct  medical clinics supplied by a  latest equipment .These clinics will be managed by excellent  experts Iraqi Doctors  worked before with international companies in Iraq  and well trained Paramedics .We will assist our site or field clinics by a big central clinic in one or all major oil sites .We can work in all parts of our country.Each AMS clinic will be supplied by Pharmacy services,Laboratories,emergency resuscitation room and X_Ray services.We will link our remote clinics with a team of excellent Specialist Doctors in all medical branches  and  AMS 24hours operation center for access to immediate  medical evacuation.


2-Ambulance Services

We are ready to supply armoured ambulance equipped with state of art equipment.Our Ambulance services will provide transportation  and emergency medical  care 24hours/day  7days/week.These ambulance will be managed by well trained paramedics.Our goals are to respond for any kind of emergency  ranging from minor to major incidents and to respond to emergancy calls from clients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions requiring urgent or emergent care, admission or referral to tertiary care facility.


3-Rapid Responce Medevac

If there is condition any requiring patient transfer out of our country,we will give our solutions to you through our coordination with Iraqi Government ,Operations centers of Iraqi Health Directorates ,

management of airports in Iraq and our dealing with private air ambulance .Do not worry we will facilitate all issues related to rapid responce medevac


4-AMS 24 Hours Operations Centers

Our operation center located in Basra city.These centers will be supplied with advance technology to assist our clinics.If there is any medical condition required medical evacuation the, Doctor on the site or field clinic or paramedics will inform Operations room .The Operations room will initiate medevac responce .In-country primary responce teams will arrange either for in-country care or evacuation by air ambulance.We will arrange the transport of patient outside our country by air ambulance to a various of international hospitals.


5-Dental Clinic

We are ready to  provide you with general dentistry services compatible with world -class expertise technology and we aim to provide a unique,excellent and high quality dentistry.


6-Training Services

We can do training courses for all branches of emergency including First Aid ,CPR,BLS,ACLS and ATLS  through our certified ,licensed and world instructors Iraqi Specialist Doctors.


7-Medical Staff

We look forward to welcoming you to our facility!

  • Physicians
  • Well trained Paramedics(Iraqi and Expats)
  • Nurses
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Emergency Medical Services personnel
  • Ancillary staff


8-Dealing with chronic cases

We have a team of specialist Doctors who can deal with chronic medical cases

Also we offer the following services

1-Occupational Health services
4-Vaccinations: We offer immunizations for Hepatitis A and B,Typhoid,Tetanus and Influenza.
5-Speciality Clinics
6-Intensive Care
8-Private Jet services
9-Mortuary services